About me

CESIPc | via Cavour, 64 | 50129 Florence, Italy

Co-Director and Teacher, School of Specialization in Constructivist Psychotherapy
Managing Director, Centro Studi in Psicoterapia Cognitiva (CESIPc)

I am a MD registered psychotherapist, co-director and teacher at the School of Specialization in Constructivist Psychotherapy at CESIPc, Florence, Italy. Together with M. Laura Nuzzo I introduced personal construct theory in Italy in the early 80’s and since then I have trained about two hundred psychotherapists and contributed to the spreading of George A. Kelly’s ideas at university level. A member of the editorial boards of the Journal of Constructivist Psychology and Personal Construct Theory & Practice since their first issue, member-at-large of the Steering Committee of the George Kelly Society since its foundation, President of the Associazione Italiana di Psicologia e Psicoterapia Costruttivista (AIPPC), I have published extensively on constructivist epistemology, theory and practice. My most recent contributions in English are Constructivist psychotherapy: A narrative hermeneutic approach (together with the late Maria Laura Nuzzo), published by Routledge in 2010, and the ebook George A. Kelly and his personal construct theory (2017).