Pubblicato l’e-book “George A. Kelly and His Personal Construct Theory”

The ebook George A. Kelly and His Personal Construct Theory written by Gabriele Chiari under the auspices of the George Kelly Society is now published on the iBooks Store. It is available for free in ePub format (for iBooks on iOS and Google Books on Android). The ebook of 64 two-column pages contains many pictures, including five unpublished photos of Kelly and his family.
A PDF format is also available. The images included in galleries in the ePub format are shown separately in the PDF format.

This is a truly wonderful piece of work and very useful as a reference resource as well. You have made a massive contribution to Personal Construct Psychology with it and I am sure students, clinicians and researchers will be eternally grateful to you. It is beautifully written and the photos and other material are so interesting. The lists of core references will be an excellent reading guide for those discovering the Kelly’s approach. (Harry Procter)